Thorn Media Recipe

From FreeBio

{Note: The following recipe makes 1L 1x Thorn media. This is the same as standard Yeast Complete Media, except with low-fluorescence yeast nitrogen base. This media is particular good for flourescent microscopy since the background autofluorescence is low. }

  1. Fill a 2L glass bottle with 1L ddH2O.
  2. To the ddH2O, add:
    • 5g (NH4)2SO4
    • 1g KH2PO4
    • 0.5g MgSO4
    • 0.1g NaCl
    • 0.1g Ca2Cl
    • 0.5mg H3BO4
    • 0.04mg CuSO4
    • 0.1mg KI
    • 0.2mg FeCl3
    • 0.4mg MnSO4
    • 0.2mg Na2MoO4
    • 0.4mg ZnSO4
    • 2ug biotin
    • 0.4mg calcium pantothenate
    • 2mg inositol
    • 0.4mg niacin
    • 0.2mg PABA
    • 0.4mg pyridoxine HCl
    • 0.4mg thiamine
  3. Autoclave to sterilize.