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pQmars (Portable Quantum Memory Array Redcode Simulator) is a reference implementation of the Quantum Coreworld built on top of libquantum. pQmars currently runs on Debian Linux; support for other platforms is planned. pQmars implements the draft’04 standard of the coreworld, which itself is an extension of the game Corewar. The base system includes a graphical core display for Unix (X-windows). Future release will support Microsoft Windows and other systems with SDL graphics. A line-oriented debugger is included to help in writing warriors for the DRAFT’2004 standard.

pQmars runs one or more warriors written in Redcode that are provided as file(s) on the command line. Running a single warrior is supported for debugging. Two warriors are pitted against each other for standard play, but up to 36 warriors can be named for "multi-warrior" core war. If the warrior(s) assemble without error they are loaded into the core array and executed in round-robin mode starting with the first warrior. Warrior 1 is loaded starting at core position 0, warrior 2, 3, etc., at either a random or fixed position. For fairness the starting order is rotated after each round.