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18 October 2005

  • Sign up for the class mailing list here.

8 October 2005

  • Upgrade to Mediawiki 1.5

6 October 2005


22 September 2005

Some might have missed the following reference on the Human_Experiment_1 page:

For next time: Please bring in definitions of complexity & randomness (and/or related algorithms) and examples of interesting real world test cases. Explore the exponential xls file below. Edit the_draft and/our your own version.

21 September 2005

  • New Location and Time: Sherman-Fairchild 177, Tues/Thurs 10:00-11:25AM
  • If you missed the first class, feel free to download yesterdays slides from the Biophysics 101 mainpage.
  • Results from 20-Sep Human_Experiment_1.

20 September 2005

The wiki will be central to this class. Your contributions to the wiki fall into the following sections:

  • Personal wiki page
    • Each student will have a personal wiki page where they will publish their work.
    • Students are encouraged to view each others' pages, but not make changes other than to fix typos.
    • The "User" page that is created when you create a new account will serve as your personal wiki page
    • Consider putting your wikipage in a "Category" by adding [[Category:Biophysics 101]] somewhere in the text of the page. That way your page will be listed at Category:Biophysics 101.
  • Project wiki page
  • Class notes page
    • Each class, at least a couple students will serve as scribes
    • Notes should be posted the same day of class

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  • Once you have done so please add a link to your user page with your first and last name as the link title to our 101 Roster.

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