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(updated --Danny 20:05, 29 Aug 2005 (EDT))
Week # Date Tasks Slackers Week # Date Tasks Slackers
Week 1 (6/6) Project Choice and Design Week 7 (7/18) More experiments, finish Las;
full cycle of master/PDMS/stamp
(back 7/19)
Week 2 (6/13) Got parts and set up tests Week 8 (7/25) Rebuild Lux with new reporter, iron out experimental kinks
Lithography -- Make full master/PDMS/stamps
Week 3 (6/20) Start building test constructs; finalize las and Rh1 pathways;
Lithography -- Work out details for making stamps
Connie Week 9 (8/1) Experiments!! Sasha
(Back 8/7)
Week 4 (6/27) Parts building continues; Experiments with aTc sender;
Lithography -- Make masks
(from 7/1)
Week 10 (8/8) Sender/Receiver works! Using photolithographied stamps.
More sequencing data, getting a bit better.
Week 5 (7/4) Parts building continues; no experiments;
Lithography -- Received mask, practice making stamps
Week 11 (8/15) Las sender-receiver, line propogation; fixing sequencing OA; DJP
(from 8/17)
Week 6 (7/11) Finished Lux, Tested senders, made PDMS molds KX
(from 7/12)
Week 12 (8/22) Final presentation; cleanup & organization DJP
(back 8/24)




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