BProtocols Digital Hot Plate

From FreeBio

Using the second floor cleanroom's digital hot plates.

The hot plates are very powerful and easy to use, once you understand the trick. If you press a setting, for instance, plate temp, it will read out the current setting. In order to change the setting, first press Enter/Set, then the setting you want to change, then Enter/Set again.

This order is not really necessary, but it illustates my point.

  1. Press Enter/Set, plate temp, enter the desired final temperature, and press Enter/Set again.
  2. Press Enter/Set, ramp temp, enter the number of degrees per hour to take in order to reach the final plate temp, and press Enter/Set again. If the final temp is lower than the current temp, this will be a ramp down.
  3. Press Enter/Set, timer hr/min, enter the number of hours and minutes to be on for, and press Enter/Set again. Make sure to enable auto-off by pressing the auto-off button. The light should come on.

Yeah, it's pretty simple.