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==Alexander Wait Zaranek== ==Alexander Wait Zaranek==
-''a.k.a Sasha - await @''+''a.k.a Sasha - await @'' also [[User:Alexanderwait| here]], [[OpenWetWare:User:Await | here]] and [[Wikipedia:User:AlexanderWait | here]].''
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-I am currently completing an exclusive, friendly, and flexible [ graduate program]; I feel lucky to be a member of the [ Church lab]. Sometimes I take [[Microbiology 209| classes]], do real-life [[coli counter| molecular biology]] and teach ([[iGEM 2005 |iGEM]], [[Biophysics 101 |101]]). My professional interests include: personalized medicine, exascale computing, and free knowledge business models. When I can, I still enjoy tinkering with [[Coreworld_TAC|quantum lifeforms]] and [[synthetic biology]].+
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-In a past-life I was a contractor for a telecom equipment supplier. My team's software translated electronics design data into instructions for a medium volume, high-mix electronics factory. I am a contributor to the [ IPC-2511 (GenCAM)] standard. That experience was the highlight of an otherwise harrowing six years.+

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Alexander Wait Zaranek

a.k.a Sasha - await @ also here, here and here.