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MIT-OCW HST.508 now HST.510 and Harvard Biophysics 101

George Church, Ph.D. (HMS)


Genomics, Computing, Economics, and Society

This course will focus on understanding aspects of modern technology displaying exponential growth curves and the impact on global quality of life through a weekly updated class project integrating knowledge and providing practical tools for political and business decision-making concerning new aspects of bioengineering, personalized medicine, genetically modified organisms, and stem cells. Interplays of economic, ethical, ecological, and biophysical modeling will be explored through multi-disciplinary teams of students, and individual brief reports.


  • Use the ZIP format to upload Perl scripts, etc.

{Overview of course content - Category:Biophysics 101; more announcements - Biophysics 101 Announcements; general questions/discussion -Talk:Biophysics 101.}


New energy sources Personalized medicine
Jason Leith; talk; edits. Chiki Gupta; talk; edits.
Matthew Meisel; talk; edits. Mark Kaganovich; talk; edits.
Morten Sommer; talk; edits. Jeffrey Yip; talk; edits.
Jeremy Zucker; talk; edits.
Teaching Fellows Instructor
Shawn Douglas; talk; edits. George Church; talk; edits.
Lakshmanan Iyer; talk; edits.
Alexander Wait; talk; edits.
Alexander Wait (sysop); talk; edits.


Course Format

This year will emphasize one coherent team project (in contrast to the 2000-2003 focus on problem sets then a small project at the end). This will be facilitated by a shared wiki and class discussion (including round robin to make sure all voices are heard).


  • 25% participation
  • 25% personal wiki page (weekly assignments)
  • 25% contribution to group project/ article
  • 25% peer evaluations

(No exams; no prerequisites.)